Created by Broadway producers, TodayTix is an app for buying last-minute theater tickets at the best prices.

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The best prices

Take the guesswork out of buying theater tickets. We always list the best prices.

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VIP treatment

Our customers rave about our friendly and personable hand delivery service.

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Skip the lines

Book tickets right on your phone or tablet and never wait in line again.

No Waiting. No Lines. No Fuss.

What people are saying

I don't have to stand in line for hours?! Thank you for this brilliance.
    --Deborah K.
@TodayTix is the best unkept secret about NYC
Service is in a word... flawless.
This app is amazing and I am so happy it exists.
@TodayTix is the only way to buy tickets - no advance planning required.
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Why TodayTix Is Broadway's Uber - And What It Means For Showbiz


Broadway needs young blood to fuel its future, and TodayTix has tapped that vein better than any existing service.

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